Tarot Readngs

The Tarot has been around for centuries, but I started doing Tarot card readings in the 1970’s for fun at parties and soon realized that my reading accuracy using the Celtic-Cross method was astonishingly accurate. In the 1990’s, I started charging a fee to do a Tarot reading and still do to this day.

My current specialty is the ability to do uncannily accurate Tarot readings via the internet and I have a three to four page future summary format that I use that spans the next three months of life events. I send this summary to the client via their e-mail address and prefer payment via Pay Pal.

For those who are interested, I have listed my prices and reading parameters in the Tarot Card Reading ad section below. Any additional questions, please contact me through the link listed above. 

 Thank you, 

Leila Paulson Howe

Tarot Card Readings

Find out what your three-month future holds for happiness and health, wealth and love through an in-depth Tarot Card Reading, using the Celtic – Cross Method for $50.  

You can also ask a single question that is unresolved and has a great deal of importance to you and receive an answer from the cards for $30.

Please send your name and e-mail address along with the type of reading you desire via the “Contact Me” tab across the top of the website page.

You will receive an invoice for payment via Pay Pal as well as your specific three-month Tarot reading summary via your e-mail address after your payment has cleared the Pay Pal account. Please allow a few days for delivery.