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Copyright Information:

The copyrights on all the paintings, drawings, sketches, cartoons, and watercolors remain in the possession of the artist, Leila Lyn Paulson Howe, whether the finished work was sold or not. For those articles published in magazines, the copyrights were sold upon publication and became the property of the publisher referenced at the end of the articles. For those poems that were published in books and journals, the copyright ownership reverted to the poet, Leila Lyn Paulson Howe, upon publication. For all of the unpublished literary work, the copyrights are the property of Leila Lyn Paulson Howe until they are sold in part or in total to a purchasing entity. Permission from the artist and writer, Leila Lyn Paulson Howe, is required for use of any artistic or literary work for any purpose or in any manner.