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Life on Woodwynn Farms

Life can weave such intricate, colorful patterns if a person allows time to flow wherever it may go. When my own family bought our first twelve-inch screen television in Park Forest, Illinois, in the mid 1950’s, I remember sitting on the floor mesmerized at the majesty of the ceremonies surrounding Queen Elizabeth’s coronation. For me, […]

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Chair in room

A Hidden World

  There is a hidden world behind those walls and many dark secrets down those halls in lives thrown thoughtlessly in the air, determined only by a toss of the dice as the ultimate personal sacrifice. But what do most people care when they do not see the extent of the damaged identity, which has […]

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Karen around five years

A Leaf in the Wind

Life is like a falling leaf floating in the wind one day and tossing around ravaged by a storm the next. Nothing stays the same and things can change in the blink of an eye. Our conscious choices produce results if destiny leaves us alone long enough; but, many times, fate loves to play Russian […]

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The Corporate Cage

I was married to a successful man once, successful beyond his age, who reached the pinnacle of power hour after hour by entering the corporate cage of glittering promises and golden dreams to increase our bracket and means, who dared not think that the cage was mere brass, for whom in their right mind would […]

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What is Love at First Sight?

The cigarette smoke hung suspended in the thick air of the cocktail lounge like a fog hovering over the surface of a dark pond, creating the illusion of a romantic dream … or so we thought back in the day when we were known to frequent the bars for socializing on the weekends. It was […]

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Moonstruck at the MTV Movie Awards.

The Greeks had their iconic heroes and myths, and so do we. For better or for worse, Hollywood movie and television celebrities have become our cultural icons and the movies and television shows they act in have become our cultural myths. As a result, we attribute a certain charismatic magic to those stars and raise […]

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A Night Outside of the Box at Papa Bear’s

Cats seem to like to curl up in boxes, bags, and containers while they sleep, maybe because they feel safe and secure. People create and live in their own boxes for the same reasons, but a life well lived is a life lived outside of that invisible box. Even cats have more fun when they […]

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My Summer in the “Twilight” Zone

The summer of 1966 sticks out in my mind as an extremely memorable one and one that has not been repeated. The “Twilight Sagas” had not been written yet, but I can easily see why the author, Stephanie Meyers, chose the Forks, Washington, area as the setting for her vampire and werewolf novels because the […]

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The Roadrunner Cartoon Job Market

Ever see one of those frustrating Roadrunner cartoons? The persistent Wile Coyote keeps running around the desert, trying to catch the Roadrunner; but he is always unexpectedly foiled in his attempts at the last minute. Just as he is about to catch the scraggly, elusive bird, huge boulders roll over on him, squashing him; deep, […]

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Recessionary Reflections

The Washington economic experts – or so they call themselves – have stated in the news that the recession ended in 2009 according to their fancy financial formulas, but I beg to differ. That year may have been when the recovery began, but this recession is still hanging around and causing grief to some of […]

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