Business Writing

My experience with business writing includes conducting and compiling the interviews before writing the business articles for the “FDL Reports” newsletter published by Financial Designs, Ltd., Bellevue, Washington, done on a freelance basis in the 1980’s. I also drew the political cartoons for each issue, which are included in the “Cartoons” section of my website.

While working for Electro Tech Industries, Inc., Redmond, Washington, in the 1980’s, I compiled and wrote a new procedural manual that included job descriptions, paperwork flow through the system, and computer input procedures after a thorough manufacturing systems analysis of all departments and of the computer file accounts. 

When I worked at Leegin Leather Products, Inc., City of Industry, California, (Brighton, Inc.) in the 1990’s, I further enhanced my business writing experience by compiling and writing a Credit Finance Training Manual for the Customer Service Department, so they could discuss financial terms with customers and more easily assess the new customer’s credit worthiness. 

I also drew the cartoon cover that is included in the “Cartoons” section of my website. 

The fee I would charge to write an article would depend on the costs of the research and interviews involved as well as the labor hours needed to complete the project. Any questions, please contact me at the link listed above.

Thank you,

Leila Paulson Howe