Astrology Readings

When New Age beliefs and practices became popular in the early 1970’s, I decided to take a few astrology classes for fun to satisfy my curiosity about the pseudo science and began doing readings for friends to see if there was a modicum of truth to it. In most cases, I found the natal chart reading showing a person’s birth potential and the future forecast reading using planetary transits around the natal chart to be surprisingly accurate.

No matter what their religious beliefs or scientific leanings, the public seemed to be interested in the practice and I began doing astrological readings professionally in the ensuing years. Since then, I have read over three hundred astrological charts for clients, most of which were computed by hand before special computer software was available.

Things have changed in the computer age and now I can construct a natal chart wheel in a matter of minutes using an astrological software program that computes the math at lightening speed. I still prefer to summarize the reading using my own astrological knowledge and memory. 

I send the reading summary to the client via e-mail or by snail mail, whichever is preferred. My usual method of payment is through Pay Pal, but I would consider other options especially for friends and family. For those who are interested, the different astrological readings that I offer with the charges for each are included in the ad below. Any additional questions, please contact me at the link listed above.

Thank you,

Leila Paulson Howe


Astrological Reading

Find out what your future holds for happiness and health, wealth and love with a professional, in-depth astrological reading of the various types listed above. 

If interested, please send your name, your birth date, your birthplace, and your birth time, along with your e-mail address and the type of reading desired to the “Contact Me” tab on the website page.

You will receive an invoice for payment through Pay Pal and, when the payment clears the account, you will receive your detailed, multi-page reading via your e-mail address. Please allow a couple of weeks for delivery.

Natal Birth Chart (personality & potential) – $100

Future Forecast (future over six months) – $100

Natal Chart + Future Forecast (combined) – $150

Compatibility/ Composite Chart (relationships) – $150