About Us

I am an artist and a writer who was probably born with a pencil in one hand and a piece of paper in the other. Looking back on the legacy of my life, I realized that I tended to choose the roads not taken by others. Some were by design and some were by default, with each branch in the road enriching the experiences and content of my destiny. 

It stands to reason that having many different experiences, living in many different places, meeting many different people, and doing many different things gives an artist and a writer material for their creative endeavors … and I had plenty.

For me traveling along this journey, the love of art came first and the love of writing followed. Artistic and literary expression in many different media has been a way of life for me since I was a child and I remember fantasizing about becoming an artist as a very early age. 

One of the definitions of any art or creative endeavor is that it must evoke an emotion in the viewer or reader or listener. In order to create a work that affects the feelings of others, the artist, writer, or musician must have the courage to reveal their own emotions through their work. I hope I have done so with mine.

Artists and writers, sculptors and musicians, writers and poets, are born with the natural talents in their field. In essence, creative ability is inherited, not learned. What is learned throughout a person’s life is the knowledge of how to use the tools of the field to maximize the self-expression and produce the highest quality of work. 

Along the path, I attended colleges and universities, taking classes in art and writing from many different sources to learn how to express my talents in an effective, pleasing way. Since then, I have sold many paintings, drawings, sketches, logos, cover designs, and collages as well as published many poems, articles, and some short stories.

For those who are interested, I am available for commissions on contract for any type of creative work shown in the website pages to follow. I hope you enjoy the creative pieces as much as I enjoyed producing them.

To summarize with a quote from a most famous author:

“Every artist is in everything he creates, and indeed if the truth is told, every person is in his life, in his work, whatever his work may be, and this is visible in his face, figure, stance, movement, and totality.” William Saroyan, 1979.

Best Regards,

Leila Lyn Paulson Howe